Top Spine Surgeons and Specialists in United States

Top NYC Spine Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein practices at NYU Langone and is the current President of ISASS. He is currently working with the most advanced robotic spine surgery equipment in New York City.

Top New York City Spine Expert - Dr. Stewart G. Eidelson

Dr. Eidelson is a nationally recognized surgeon known for the founding of SpineUniverse. He currently provides 2nd Opinions and Pain Management in Manhattan, NY

Dr. Mark McLaughlin - Neurosurgeon - Author - Leader

Dr. McLaughlin is one of the top neurosurgeons in America. He is especially noted for his expertise in Trigeminal Neuralgia and other Compression Syndrome. His much anticipated book on applying the lessons of neurosurgery to life and competition is expected late in 2018.

Colorado Comprehensive Spine Institute

Founded by Dr. George Frey, the practice provides advanced and specialized medical care in Denver and area.

Delaware Valley Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine

Princeton Brian & Spine

Princeton Brain & Spine was founded by top neurosurgeon Dr. Mark R. McLaughlin. The practice treats cranial, spinal, shiari malformation and other diseases and conditions.

Atlanta Brain and Spine Specialist Regis W. Haid, Jr., MD       Atlanta Brain and Spine Specialist

SouthPalm Orthospine Institute

South Florida's top rated spine surgeon has performed over 4000 spine surgeries and attained the best outcomes recorded in Florida during the recent ProPublica study of spine surgery.